Services for Tourists

Tax free shopping

Do you visit Barcelona and come from a country outside the European Union? In this case you can claim back the tax on your purchases in Diagonal Mar Shopping Center.

Our clients that come from outside the European Union can benefit from a tax-free purchase. To reclaim the VAT and benefit from a more economical purchase, simply (submit receipts at customs when leaving the country while showing your passport) follow these steps:

1. When shopping at stores or boutiques that offer the Tax Free service, request the ticket or invoice with the total amount of your purchases with the tax indicated.

2. When leaving Spain or another country of the European Community, show your receipts to customs and validate your tax-free shopping.

3. Present valid receipts and your passport at the Office of Tax Return and you will receive the amount of TAX in cash or via your credit card.

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Discounts for tourists

Shows your Tourist Bus Coupon at our Customer Service Desk on the 2nd floor (next to Zara) and you will receive a special discount voucher with offers and reductions in various stores of Diagonal Mar Shopping Center.


If you need a taxi you can go to the Customer Service Desk on the Street Floor (next to Zara) and they will help you ordering one.