Shopping Centre Policy


Offering the best service and commercial retailers to all customers of Diagonal Mar Shopping Centre. Because we want to be the most successful at providing our customers the best possible service; giving answers to all your demands and satisfying all your needs. All this through a focused and targeted business mix, plus an appropriate marketing strategy service. Preserving the environment in all our activities, controlling pollution arising from such activity.


To be the leading Shopping Centre in Barcelona, supported by the ability to offer our customers an exclusive and high quality service and commercial mix, based on the capacity and efficiency of our operators, innovation and our full range of services and wide commercial offering.

Environmental Care

Diagonal Mar Shopping Centre is committed to the environment in all its activities, therefore the preservation thereof is addressed by control systems, saving and recycling. The result of this commitment means everyone becomes a partaker, personnel, staff and those related to the Shopping Centre, including our customers.

Commitment to service

The customer is the center and engine of our activity. Our mission is to understand and meet their needs and to the full extent, anticipating their requirements and always acting with the utmost professionalism and honesty.  We seek constant feedback that allows continued progress in our relationship. Our workers must have a thorough knowledge of the established environmental objectives, promoting activities and actions that are directed towards achieving these.

Brand image

The Diagonal Mar Shopping Centre views environmental protection as everyone’s responsibility and therefore requires all people who are part of the center to assist in the awareness of all by extending it to customers, operators, suppliers, etc.


We have an entrepreneurial spirit and we like to be pioneers. We promote our commercial and customer services and overall ideas that allow us to continually improve. Our responsibility towards our customers and employees is to try to create an environment where initiatives, suggestions and needs are analyzed and addressed.