What is it?

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The Cube by Diagonal Mar is a new space in the shopping centre for hosting pop-ups, aimed at brands that are looking for a temporary showcase in which to sell their products.

The world is full of ideas you just have to discover them.

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Cutting-edge design that is fully glazed to show the interior of the space and the entire brand experience.


We are keen to promote and disseminate initiatives for both new entrepreneurs and major brands, so they can be transformed into a unique and innovative experience for you.

Currently in The Cube

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On the Top Floor, opposite Springfield

See location here

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Brands that have gone through The Cube.

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The Cube by Diagonal Mar. Your pop up store in Barcelona

Do you know what a pop up store is? It’s a unique space where you can find special products and collections for limited time only. The Cube was designed to achieve two goals: on the one hand, letting new entrepreneurs as well as consolidated brands to show their products in an innovative and avant-garde environment. On the other hand, to offer a different and exclusive shopping experience to our customers.
Placed at the top floor of the Diagonal Mar Shopping Center, in Barcelona. The Cube is waiting to surprise you!