Environmental management in Diagonal Mar

Diagonal Mar is concerned with sustainability, with the help of the implementation and certification of an environmental management system in accordance with the International Standard ISO 14001: 2015. In this sense, Diagonal Mar imposes continuous improvement in order to protect the environment and prevent pollution, among other commitments of the policy of the Center Management.

The management of the Diagonal Mar shopping center defines and periodically reviews the environmental objectives and the environmental management system to ensure compliance, adequacy and effectiveness.

Our “green” and sustainable actions

● Committed to reducing CO2 emissions

Lighting and air conditioning;

The Diagonal Mar shopping center has large skylights that allow you to take advantage of natural light in daily hours and help reduce the consumption of lighting in the gallery.

The air conditioning of the center is programmed to achieve maximum efficiency through new monitoring technologies with the implementation of customized time controls so that the level of climate and lighting is appropriate at every moment of the day.

Use of water;

In all the toilets there is information about the importance of responsible water use. “Every drop counts”. The water saving devices in the toilets guarantee the optimization of water consumption.

● Committed to the recovery of waste

The valuation of the waste generated in the common areas of the Center and in the commercial and catering premises is one of our biggest challenges for which the collaboration of all is needed. In Diagonal Mar, selective collection elements are available and work is carried out for the maximum recovery of organic waste, paper and cardboard, plastics among others generated by our visits.

In the Recycling Point located in the SAS Central of Parking1 the visitor has available some containers for the collection of special waste, such as batteries, batteries, mobiles, pens, printer cartridges, fluorescent, waste electronic or other generated

● Committed to our environment

The Diagonal Mar Center promotes initiatives to recover and monitor the marine environment, supporting the SILMAR project for monitoring the quality of the sea, cleaning beaches with the collaboration of volunteers and promoting in the shops of the Center the replacement of plastic bags by others materials to prevent sea pollution. (see more … link with new projects page).