At home, in the office or in the park, eating what you want while saving time and money has never been so easy

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Save time and eat delicious with our Delivery service

On many occasions, routine and daily stress mean that you don’t feel like preparing what you like to eat so much. You come home tired, you lack ingredients and you need to rest.

For this reason, we launched an exclusive food delivery service at home:

Diagonal Mar Delivery

What do you want to eat today?

These are the magnificent restaurants that you can find on the Diagonal Mar Delivery platform. They know that you are very busy, that you have nothing prepared to attend your visits and that you do not feel like dirtying the oven.

They also know that you like to enjoy delicious dishes!










Why order your meal with Diagonal Mar Delivery?

Servicio de Delivery Diagonal Mar

Order from several restaurants in the same purchase

You can order any dish from the restaurants on the platform and we will bring them to you in a single order wherever you want, at the time you decide.

Servicio de Delivery Diagonal Mar

Maximun delivery flexibility

All you have to do is browse the site, select what you want, specify a time and place for delivery. We will adapt to you.

Servicio de Delivery Diagonal Mar

If you are nearby, we are the fastest

If your delivery address is up to 3.5 km from Diagonal Mar, get ready to enjoy your meal very soon.

We want to give you the best of our new delivery service

A new and exclusive food delivery service doesn’t come along every day!

Enjoy even more of the best food from Diagonal Mar restaurants with:


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#DiagonalMarDelivery, the new and exclusive home-delivery service for Diagonal Mar restaurants.

Diagonal Mar, always at your side