Lego Fun Factory

The cost free Kids Club in Diagonal Mar, Lego Fun Factory, is located on he first floor of the shopping centre (in front of the store Media Market).

The Lego Fun Factory offers children between 4 and 12 years the chance to enjoy multiple games and discover Lego’s world with monitors look after them for us from Monday to Friday from 17h to 20h and Saturdays and openings dates  from 12h to 14h and 17h to 21h.

How does it work?

In the first visit you must complete a registration form to enroll in the Kids Club Lego Fun Factory. After registration, the child and parents receive a membership card that must be used to identify themselves during future visits together along with the identification of parent / responsible adult child. The maximum duration in the kids’ club for children is one hour Every month a new calendar of performed activities with many surprises and novelties is developed! Therefore, each visit is always a unique experience!


Monday to Friday  from 17h to 20h.
Saturdays and openings dates from 12h to  14h and 17h to 21h.

Upcoming Activities

Saturday 23 June
Cubo Lego Marvel SuperHeroes
Monday 25 June
Puzzle Lego Marvel SuperHeroes
Tuesday 26 June
Personajes Lego Marvel SuperHeroes
Wednesday 27 June
Universo Lego Marvel SuperHeroes
Thursday 28 June
Construcción Gigante
Friday 29 June
Competición Libros
Saturday 30 June
Coloreables Lego
Monday 2 July
Lego Chain Reactions