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Macson is the men's fashion brand dedicated to a more personal, urban and contemporary masculine style. Every detail is calculated to the millimetre to achieve special looks. Surely, Macson has a great commitment for the fresher and contemporary fashion under its typical British style. MACSON store concept was born.

Macson Stores and the making of shirts

Macson originated in 1942 with one goal: make the best shirt of the country, employing, high quality materials and great design professionals. Thus, effort and dedication led the brand to manufacture more than a million shirts per year for its most demanding customers.

Macson in the Diagonal Mar Shopping Centre

Met the challenge of the previous stage, Macson decides to invest in a men's collection for dressing, following a more urban-casual aesthetic. Its use of fabrics is characterized for being natural, like cotton and the wool of classic fashion, able to complement the avant-garde style, without losing far the conservative touch of Macson Stores. Currently, Macson devotes about 40% of its collection to meet the needs of its exquisite customers, in order to make them wear the best clothes, enjoying a wide variety of fabrics and finishing touches. Where? In the Diagonal Mar Shopping Centre.
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